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Lalime's Masks.

Lalime's Pittsburgh Penguins mask was special. The design of the mask had a baby Penguin breaking out of it's shell. The design was exactly Lalime. Up until Lalime was forced to play for the Penguins due to injuries Lalime had never really shown alot of promise. But Lalime busted out of the shell he was in and suddenly an All-Star was born.

Not alot of people know that Patrick was in Anaheim for a year. Lalime was expected to back up Guy Hebert but struggled after being out of the NHL for a year and Dominic Roussel stole his job. There is not alot of information about Lalime with the Ducks because he ended up in the IHL. But i managed to get my hands on a couple of pics of Patty in a Ducks sweater during the pre-season. His mask was nothing special due to a lack of time to get it done. And after he was sent to Kansas City he needed a different design so it didn't stay long. And due to the lack of information i can not really say for sure what the design was.

Lalime finally was back in the NHL. Ottawa had traded away Damian Rhodes and acquired Lalime to back up Ron Tugnutt. Lalime's mask again was brilliantly designed. A black horse pulling along a Spartan(or Senator) in a chariot. Lalime was ready to carry the burden of an NHL work load again. Although his well liked mask did make way for his latest and greatest half way threw the year it was only able to take just 1 game off. Lalime was pounded by the Tampa Bay Lightning and Lalime turned back to old faithful.

Lalime decided after the 99-2000 season it was time to let old Faithful retire and give the mask he tried for 1 game the season before another try. The Mask featured Warner Brothers Looney Tune character "Marvin The Martian" who's Senator like helmet prompted Lalime to make him the feature of this fabulous creation. The mask features Marvin on skates. On the right ear is a big Senators "S". The use of a gold cage makes the mask undoubtably one of the best in the league right now.